Heph B Hits New Milestone With “AMARII (Deluxe)” Album!

AfroDancehall hitmaker Heph B continues to secure wins. Since the release of his “AMARII (Deluxe)” album in January, he has been making great strides. Having received a great deal of positive feedback since then, and he looks to go further with the album. Like his previous album, he embarked on a few more milestones.

Since the release of “AMARII (Deluxe)” on January 6, it made its debut at #8 on the iTunes World Albums chart in the US, breaking Heph B’s previous feat of #14 with “AMARII” in 2021. On January 14, the album would dominate even more as it jumped to first place, making it one of Heph B’s biggest accomplishments to date. The milestone didn’t stop there as the explicit version of the album would secure that spot for 4 weeks straight. The clean version of the album would also found its own success as on January 14 it would hold onto the #2 slot on the iTunes World Albums chart. “AMARII (Deluxe)” has proven that an Artist doesn’t need all the resources to make it far, just the right support system, faith, and a determination to win.

Heph B is not slowing down with the promotion of “AMARII (Deluxe)”, and is finalizing plans for new content, and campaigns to bring his AfroDancehall sound to more territories. On January 27, the music video for “Badd”, one of the favourites from the album, made its debut to positive feedback on Social Media, and is set to premiere on various International platforms in the coming days. The singles “Big Boy (Remix)”, “Figure 8”, and “Haibo (Big Spender)”, which were released before and after the album’s release, are still making its rounds, and continue to enjoy a rise in streaming numbers.

Heph B’s “AMARII (Deluxe)” is out now on all digital music streaming platforms through DAE Records. To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB, and visit