Heph B Calls All The Ladies For New “Figure 8” Single.

AfroDancehall Artist Heph B is in a giving mood as he has plenty music loaded for the world to hear. With the deluxe version of his 2021 album “AMARII” on the way, he looks to turn up the vibes before that with the new single, “Figure 8”.

Produced by frequent collaborator Steve Rawd and released through DAE Records, Heph B has the ladies in mind on “Figure 8”. With a soothing Afrobeats production, Heph B melodically sends his love for all the Women with the curves, the Women with the sex appeal, and the Women who know that they’re very desirable, with Men wanting them more and more. “Figure 8” promises to be another hit for Heph B, and join his string of singles “Big Boy”, “Big Boy (Remix)”, and “Party All Night” that have been finding great favor with listeners all year. Plans for the single include a Social Media campaign, a music video, live performances following its release in the coming weeks.

Heph B is a US-based AfroDancehall Artist who has enjoyed Billboard-charting success. He shares a Nigerian and Jamaican background, and has collaborated with some of the best in Dancehall, Reggae, AfroBeat, and AfroPop. He has released the acclaimed “AMARII” album in 2021 along with singles that have gained popularity locally, and internationally over time. Heph B is currently managed by Mumsie Music, and looks to leave unforgettable impression wherever he goes.

Heph B’s “Figure 8” single is set to be released on October 21st on all digital music streaming platforms through DAE Records. To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB, and visit


Heph B Signs Management Deal With Mumsie Music, Gears Up For New Music And Performances.

AfroDancehall Artist Heph B has been making 2022 his year, and he’s ready for more. With a year that has already seen him gain a consistent growth in his fanbase, his music enjoying more chart success, and his name being called in more places, Heph B’s dedication to his craft was not in vain. Heph’s latest single “Big Boy” has quickly become a hit in various parts of the world thanks to the “Big Boy Challenge” he hosted on Instagram in last Spring, and it looks to enjoy more success this Summer. With more accolades and acclaim in his future, Heph has ensured his career is in good hands with the recent signing of a new management deal with Mumsie Music.

Mumsie Music is a US/Jamaica based Production company under Suss Media, which was founded by Tonja Evans, more popularly known as “Mz Mumsie”. Heph B signing with Mumsie Music was the right move, and it further sealed their years long relationship as Mz Mumsie has been responsible for the Media and Promotions side of his career. The new deal will see Heph B covering more markets, and embarking on new developments that will take his career to the next level.

In addition to gaining new management, Heph B is gearing up to release more music later this year. He recently announced the deluxe edition of his 2021 album, “AMARII”, and has been making connections with prominent Artists in Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Reggae. Heph B is also looking to take his music to a city near you, and will be making announcements in the coming weeks. 

To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB.


Heph B Connects With High Profile Dancehall Acts For “Big Boy (Remix)”!

AfroDancehall Artist Heph B continues to strive in his lane, keeping his name prominent in various territories around the world. He recently aligned himself with Mumsie Music via a management deal, and is hard at work finalizing the deluxe version of his “AMARII” album. Ready to make more of an impact, he continues his journey with the remix to his popular single, “Big Boy”!

Heph B connects with top Jamaican Recording Artists Bugle and Laa Lee on “Big Boy (Remix)”, and together they make the collaboration even more luxurious. With the combination of Heph B’s African vibes, Laa Lee’s energy, and Bugle’s charisma, fans of the original single will keep the remix on heavy rotation, and it’s expected to cover more ground via Social Media, and on music streaming platforms. “I’m very excited that this collaboration was a possibility,” shared Heph B. “Bugle and Laa Lee are two Artists who I have a lot of respect for, and being familiar with how they dominate on a track, it was a no-brainer to get them to bring their energy on “Big Boy (Remix)”. I’m ready to share stages with them to perform this track, and I’m looking forward to even more collaborations with them.”

The Afrobeats/Dancehall track has been forwarded to various media outlets, and will be popping up on various radio shows in the coming days. A music video for “Big Boy (Remix)” is currently in its beginning stages with parts of Jamaica and the US being scouted for favourable shooting locations, and is expected to be released at the end of the summer season. “Big Boy” was originally released in Spring 2022, and since its release has earned Billboard placements, and gained a large presence on Social Media thanks to the “Big Boy Challenge”. Heph B is looking to take his music on the road for the rest of 2022, and will be making announcements in the coming days. 

Heph B’s “Big Boy (Remix)” featuring Bugle and Laa Lee is out now on all digital music streaming platforms. To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB.


Heph B Reconnects With Jamaica On Recent Visit, Gets Inspiration For New Music

Houston, Texas based AfroDancehall Artist Heph B is still making waves with his music, and watching his brand grow exponentially. With his “AMARI” album still doing numbers and collecting accolades along the way, Heph has been looking for more ways to reach the people with his music. Recently, he embarked on a trip to Jamaica for relaxation and reconnection.

Having a Jamaican/Nigerian background, it was only right for Heph B to reach out to family members, explore a few locations, and make solid connections with a few of his musical peers. Some of his travels included making an appearance at Boom Box Fridayz where he make connections with Recording Artists Bugle, Krazy Don, and Queen Ifrica, popular Dancer Energy, and famed Selector Boom Boom. He also touched base with Reggae Artist Sizzla at his Judgement Yard in August Town, St. Catherine, and used his time to complete new content which he will announce in the coming days.

Heph B is currently promoting the single, “Big Boy”, along with hosting a “Big Boy Challenge” on Instagram. He is also set to release a deluxe version of his “AMARII” album which he will announce in the coming days. He urges fans to continue supporting his recent releases, as he continues to put the finishing touches on new content.

Heph B’s “AMARII” and “Big Boy” are now available for streaming on all digital music streaming platforms. To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB.

Heph B with Recording Artist Bugle
Heph B with Recording Artist Sizzla
Heph B with Dancer Energy and Recording Artist Krazy Don
Heph B with Selector Boom Boom

Heph B Kicks Off “Big Boy Challenge” With Cash Prizes.

Houston, Texas based AfroDancehall Artist Heph B is still riding high off the release of his 2021 album, “AMARII”, along with supporting singles from the album. Having seen high chart placements and his music buzzing around the world, Heph B is looking to give back to the fans who have given their all in support. Heph B makes it happen with the launch of his “Big Boy Challenge”.

Starting on Friday March 25, Heph B is offering cash prizes to anyone who can dominate in the new “Big Boy Challenge”. With a total of US$1000 in cash prizes, Heph B wants entrants to get into their best visual representation of a “Big Boy” or “Big Gyal” who calls the shots, and know how to stand out in anything they do. Along with the prize of US$500 and a trip to Houston, Texas to spend a day with Heph B for the top entry, 2nd and 3rd place prizes of US$300 and US$200 will be awarded respectively. The “Big Boy Challenge” is open to everyone around the world, but the 1st place prize of a trip to Houston will only be awarded if a US based entrant is selected.

To participate in the “Big Boy Challenge”, entrants are required to follow @king_hephb, @daerecords, and @legrandplaisir_, use the #HephbBigBoyChallenge hashtag, and tag @king_hephb with their best video. Winners will be announced on April 24, 2022. Heph B’s “AMARII” album is now available on all digital music streaming platforms.


Heph B Enjoys “AMARII” Album Release, Premieres “HIDE” Music Video.

Houston based AfroDancehall Artist Heph B a.k.a. “Linkupbwoy” knew he found a hit when he released his latest album, “AMARII”. Released in November 2021, Heph B put together a body of work that further showcased his versatility, having a song for everybody as a result. Since the 19 track album’s release, it has been getting a lot of love on most digital music streaming platforms, and fans of Heph B showed support through sharing their favorite songs on popular Social Media platforms Instagram and TikTok. Continuing with the promotion of the new album, Heph B is following up with the release of the music video for the single, “HIDE”.

Heph B utilizes the direction of Foreign Boy Films for the making of the “HIDE” music video. The single features Miles B, and is one of the popular selections off the “AMARII” album. Recently, Heph B previewed the video on his Instagram page with a part of the caption reading, “I’ve got a Special Gift loading Loading loading!!”, and showing a scene of him getting close to a beautiful model. Fans have been sharing their anticipation for its release through comments, and Heph B knows that the support will come in droves when the music video premieres.

Heph B’s music video for “HIDE” is out now on his official Youtube channel with a special premiere on BET Jams at a later date. The single and the “AMARII” album are available on all digital music streaming platforms. To stay up to date with Heph B, follow him on Instagram at @King_HephB.