Sizzla To Release ‘On A High’ Album On Independence Day, August 6

Eight years after he released his 70th album The Messiah, which copped a Grammy nomination, Sizzla Kalonji is On A High, as he edges closer to the 100-album mark with his new 12-track production set for release on Independence day, August 6.

Coming on the heels of his last album Million Times, this album On a High, is not unexpected though, as Sizzla is by far one of the most prolific songwriters in Reggae and Dancehall, that Jamaica has ever produced, with a catalogue of more than 80 albums, more than 20 of which have hit the Billboard charts.

Million Times, which was released last October, and has been reportedly making an impact on the Latin market.

The On A High album has been available for pre-purchase on all digital platforms just over a week now, and Sizzla has so far released one track titled  Crown on Your head, the content of which surrounds being discerning in order to avoid being exploited and to keep striving towards ones goals.