Heph B To Release “AMARII (Deluxe)” In 2023!

2022 was a successful year for AfroDancehall King Heph B. With his 2021 album “AMARII” opening up more doors for advancing his career, he took the opportunities to capitalize on the buzz. With the release of the singles “Big Boy”, “Big Boy (Remix)”, and “Figure 8” in various parts of the year, Heph saw tremendous growth in his reach, and his fanbase saw an exponential increase. With the year coming to a close, he’s gearing up to start 2023 with a highly anticipated release.

Heph B looks forward to starting the new year off strong with the release of “AMARII (Deluxe)”. The follow up to the November 2021 original, “AMARII (Deluxe)” promises to be an even bigger hitmaker, further solidifying Heph B’s ever-evolving position in music. Featuring 14 brand new tracks including the previously released “Big Boy”, “Big Boy (Remix)”, and “Figure 8”, the project is expected to connect with more listeners in more markets, and showcase the Artist’s ability to expand his Artistry. Steve Rawd returns with his production on a number of tracks while Lawes Production, FlipTunes, BeatzVampire, Nas Beatz, Luigi Society, Yardstyle, and Dereksbeats join in with their unique Dancehall, Reggae, and AfroBeats sounds. Bugle, Laa Lee, Nascent, Miles B, and Mz Mumsie add to the album’s flair with their respective contributions, and the album also features contributions by Heph B’s children.

Get ready to start the new year with “AMARII (Deluxe)”. With new energy and different sounds, Heph B is here to change the way you hear music once again. “AMARII (Deluxe)” will be available on January 6 on all digital music streaming platforms through Da Anointed Records. Content in support of the new album are in early development, and will see releases throughout 2023.

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